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If you are interested in a partnership or collaboration, please contact brendon to discuss further-
Brendons Van Mr Baxter from Peugeot Brendon Prince and Vospers Peugeot
Peugeot UK- The Peugeot Boxer van is the perfect travel and board van, able to carry everything Brendon needs to take on any SUPAdventure. 
Brendon Prince LR Defender supplied by Vertu Land Rover Exeter
Vertu Land Rover Exeter
Vertu LR Exeter have been massively supportive supplying vehicles for specific adventure with the SUP and Brendon's charity work with Above Water.
Brendon Prince with students from Torquay Academy and defender from Vertu Land Rover Exeter
Brendon Prince adventure paddler  Brendon Prince and LIVE paddles boards 
 LIVE Paddleboards Florida
These awesome boards are 14ft long, 34 in wide and can carry a staggering 320kg.  The dual hull gives stunning stability and amazing glide in the water.  Fully loaded and an average of 6 or 7 km an hour is still easily possible!
This is the board Brendon will be attempting to paddle 7 DAYS at SEAS (July/August 2023)
Brendon with the SIC isup Oceans Air Glide 12ft 6  Brendon with the SIC Bullet 14ft
Brendons SIC Bayonet 17ft Brendon Prince and SIC Bayonet
SIC boards from MaxTracks Distribution.
This is a stunning partner to have, supplier of many different brands in the UK, they have always been there forBrendon to achieve his goals on a board.  They Supplied the SIC Bayonet for Northern Ireland and SIC Okeanos for the Faroe Islands. SIC are a board Brendon feels very comfortable paddling in all conditions and SIC supplied his board for Last Paddler Standing in 2022.
Brendon with the Fatstick Mega SUP
The Fatstick guys are some of the nicest humans on the planet, great product and super amazing after sales.  Fatstick supplied boards, including the mega SUP for the 'This Girl Can, sessions and getting children on the water who have no access to any equipment.
Brendon Prince paddle partner Blackfish paddles Brendon Prince and Blackfish paddles
Blackfish Paddles- Brendon LOVEs Blackfish paddles and is part of the Blackfish Team, everything about their paddles works for him.  He especially love how light, let durable their paddles are. Brendon is holding the Blackfish Andaman, the paddle Brendon completed the worlds first circumnavigation of the UK Coastline. In 2021, this paddle completed 7500km and is as good today as the day he received it.
Leash & QR Belt
Brendon Prince and LUUM QR belt
LUUM paddle boards have been at the forefront of design for they're stunningly comfortable and easy to use QR belt. They donate a percentage of sales to the charity ABOVE WATER.
Clothing and Buoyancy
Brendon and YAK outdoor equipment Brendon Prince and the Yak PFD
Yak Adventure
Yak Adventure Equipment clothing and PDF's are perfect for any adventure on the water... hardwearing, robust and comfortable.  I wear the Chinook Trousers and Apollo Cag when conditions are tough!
Yak Buoyancy Aids (PDF)
For the all important PFD, I wear one of the following depending on the distance I'm paddling and the conditions-Taurus Gen 2, Xipe or Kallista
Brendon Prince and showers Pass
ShowersPass are an awesome jacket for every wet weather occasions.  Super wind and weather protection on the board or beach.
Brendon Prince and Hammond Drysuits
Hammond Drysuits are the ultimate DRYSUITS, buy once for a suit that will last a lifetime!
Hammond Drysuits
Skin Protection
Brendon Prince and Lifejacket Skincare
Protecting Brendon on LAND and SEA.
Brendon Power with Power2Go
Brendon has two mega batteries from Power2Go which keeps everything powered up no matter where he is paddling.
Timing and Satellite Monitoring
GeoTracks monitor all my challenges, keeping everyone up to date with my location for each challenge.
Personal Hygiene
Keeping Brendon FRESH on the board.
Rock Face
Technical Support
Priority Pixels are awesome at sorting all your digital marketing needs.
Priority Pixels
Clothing Supplier
These guys have supplied Brendon with the BEST changing Robe money can buy.  Super robust, yet comfortable, cosy and long enough to keep your ankles warm!
Change Robe
ShoreTees provide all Brendons clothing range and they donate a percentage of sales to the charity ABOVE WATER. If you want anything printing Mark from Shortees is definitely your man!
Food Supplier
Base Camp Foods are at the top of their game suppling the best expedition food and so much more, all at the click of a button.  Check out the website below, you will be spoilt for choice 👍
Brendon Prince expedition food supplied by Base Camp Foods

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