The Long Paddle 2021

Brendon arriving back in torquay, first and fastest person to sup the coast of mainland Britain.
Starting on 27th April 2021, Brendon Prince left Torbay in South Devon, England and paddled (Stand Up Paddle Boarded, SUP) in a continuous clockwise direction to circumnavigate mainland Britain and finishing on 14th September 2021.

141 days/ 3907.7Km (averaging 27.7 Km per day)

Brendon was the FIRST person to ever continuously paddle board mainland Britain and the ONLY person to paddle the entire UK coastline, plus he set a few records along the way.


Brendon paddling in Wales

Fastest coastal circumnavigation of the welsh coastline (starting and finishing in England).

14 days 548.28 Km (average 39.16Km per day)


Brendon Paddling Scotland

First person to ever paddle board around the coast of Scotland and fastest coastal circumnavigation.

46 days (43 paddling days, 3 non paddle storm days)

1492.2 Km (average 34.7 per day)


Brendon Paddling England

First person to ever paddle board around the coast of England and fastest coastal circumnavigation.

81Days (62 paddling days, 19 non paddle storm days)

1866.59 Km (average 23.04 Km per day)


In 2022, Brendon completed paddling the coast of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

Brendon Paddling Northern Ireland with the Giants Causeway in the background

7 days 259.07 Km (average 37.01 km per day)

In completing Northern Ireland Brendon is the FIRST and ONLY person to have Stand Up Paddle Boarded the entire UK coastline.

Brendon is also the FIRST and ONLY person to stand up paddle board from Lands End to John O Groats via the coast.

Brendon Prince at John O Groats

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