Last Paddler Standing 2022

Last Paddler Standing December 2022
When Brendon first saw this event advertised in the summer of 2022 he was entered within 5 seconds. It was the perfect mix of paddling and mental fortitude.  Training for an event like this is hard, understanding what is required from the body plus the month leading up to this December event in Florida had Brendon in full dry suits paddling in horribly cold and miserable conditions in the `UK.  Florida in December is glorious but a long way from the weather in UK.  85F/30C is the norm with some fairly brutal humidity!
The event starting at 9 am with a fantastic support team of Brendons daughter Kitty, Danny McCarthy and Tracey Aspinall.
The Long Paddle SUP team from UK for Last Paddler standing
The race requires each paddler to complete 3.3 mile loop of the  Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL rowing lake within an hour.  The next lap starts at the start of the next hour.  Expertly organised by Greg from Roam Projects.
Brendon paddling at Last Paddler Standing
Each laps comes around quicker and quicker with
the heat of the mid-day paddle unrelenting!
Brendon Prince Night paddling at Last Paddler standing
The night paddling gives for a welcome relief from the Florid sun.
The 2022 race had some amazing endurance athletes taking part but it wasn't to be Brendons year.  He looks fondly back on the whole experience but realises the importance to preparing for a hot climate race.  Brendon paddled for 19 hrs before the sickness from heat exhaustion took a devastating toll on his wellness. Pulling out after completing lap 19.  
Brendon said, 'It was an amazing learning curve, understanding how to deal with the start and stop of each hour and most importantly the heat.  This is why I'm excited to take part again in 2023!'
The winner of LPS 2022
Brendon, Paolo Marconi,  Göran Gustavsson
Last Paddler standing results 2022





John Knippers


Alex Somoano


Bobby Johnson


Göran Gustavsson


Joshua Lanphear


Aleksey Synkov


Brendon Prince


Brian Richardson


Tony Peters


Denise Forner


Josette Lata


Patrick Broemmel


Tracy Cullinane


Brandon Grundy


Heidi Stapula


Anton Synkov


Bryant Ransom


Whilst in Florida, Brendon visited the LIVE Paddleboards factory to meet John the Head Honcho and discuss using the LIVE Expedition L4 board for this summers 7 DAYS at SEA world record challenge.
Brendon meeting John from LIVE paddle boards
Brendon was very kindly given a SIC board from Watersports West
This is a MASSIVE watersports store and showroom. great fun to spend some time chatting all things SUP and SURF.
Brendon meeting the best of the Sup community in Florida
Black Fish supplied a paddle through Livin' Salty in Florida.
Ron Henkel is your man for Blackfish paddles and so so much more...go take a visit!
Blackfish paddles sorted a paddle through the awesome Livin' Salty shop in Florida
Most importantly, Brendon got to spend two whole weeks with his daughter Kitty. Memories made forever 👍🙏
Brendon and his daughter in Florida

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